Corrosion resistant

GPR500, up to 630 kg

gis gpr500.jpg

The GPR500 Corrosion Resistant Chain hoist is well-suited for lifting applications in food or pharmaceutical production, wash-down, environmentally-controlled and harsh corrosive processing environments. Available in standard capacities up to 630kg, GPR chain hoist features highly sealed IP65 bearings and covers, food grade lubrication and stainless steel round chain, hooks and eye suspensions, chain wheel and a special Electrophoresis KTL / ATL plated hoist body and covers

  • Corrosion resistant electric chain hoist

  • For use in food, pharmaceutical or chemical industry, wastewater treatment plants, outdoor use

  • Housing cataphorese coated

  • Round, stainless steel chain

  • Suspension corrosion resistant

  • All parts in contact with the chain (wearing parts such as chain wheel, load hooks, screws) in corrosion resistant version

  • Protection class IP65

  • Special grease for food industry

  • Option: overpressure release valve

  • Option: manual or motorised trolley in corrosion resistant version


Standard version:

  • Maximum load capacity (2 falls): 1250kg 

  • 3 × 400 V / 50 Hz, 3 × 230 V / 50 Hz

  • 1 × 115 V / 50 Hz, 1 × 230 V / 50 Hz

  • Control voltage 42 V low voltage

  • Single-phase motor: 1 lifting speed

  • 3-phase motor: 2 lifting speeds

  • Standard lifting height 3 m

  • Standard Control cable length 1.8 m

  • Stainless Hook suspension

  • Geared limit switch

  • Ergonomic control switch with emergency stop

  • Protection class IP65

  • DC spring brake

  • Slipping clutch outside the drive train

Special features:

  • Protection class IP65

  • Chain, suspension, double fall hook clamp, single fall hook clamp, chain guide and load hook made of stainless steel

  • Housing and Covers KTL coated, resistant against water, oils, scant alkalis and acids

  • Food proofed gear grease