Fly tipping has become a major problem in todays society with redundancies and job losses due to Covid-19 meaning people don’t have the money to hire skips and dispose of the rubbish properly.


We, at UK Skip hire network, understand this problem and aim to give local community groups and charities a free rental of a 20yd, 30yd or 40yd roll on roll off skip so that the people in that particular neighbourhood can safely dispose of their unwanted items while keeping the area tidy and free of fly tipping.


This service is open to anyone and anywhere in the UK where people can demonstrate a need for the service.


Everyone has been hit financially in the recent months including skip hire companies so unfortunately they will still need paying and that’s why we have set up this go fund me page to cover the costs.


To qualify for this free service email UK Skip hire network for a form to fill in and send back. Once we receive the form we shall call you back to discuss needs and delivery arrangements if approved.